Saturday, 4 February 2012

Our four great friends !

We all know about the four necessary skills  for learning a language : listening, speaking, reading and writing.  To be aware of  them and to  use  them,  lead us  to an effective communication with people. Last week, our main concerns were " listening " and " speaking , the first skills we always begin with when we start our teaching-learning process.We usually hear that a good way to learn a language is to  do it as children learn their L1 They acquire the language by listening to their parents and,then ,by imitating what they say.That means, as part of  a natural process.   In that  moment, they are not aware of  speech formation or grammar yet. That comes next, as a relevant learning process in their lives.

When children acquire the sounds of the target language and are able to  reproduce them,they are ready to start  reading : isolated words , then phrases and simple sentences until  they get to more challenging structures. They get a sense of "satisfaction " when they can read something.  Next,  they start  writing  what they began to read. Writing is not something they enjoy doing so much, but   they understand that it is part of their learning process and, I am sure that when they see technology being applied in writing  they will  really enjoy it .I found some good sites during our search where children can practice all language skills. Some of them are :  . Here, they play online  games to practice vocabulary and compound words, among other contents.  I  like  a  dictionary  that  I found for kids at : and a site that I really enjoyed was:  is a selection of stories read online by well-known actors.  And there is still much more.

I am also interested in young / adults and I found interesting sites for them too.  One  of  them is about images. that  you can use for free. It is found at : To end up, try to take a look at : It will surely help adults to improve their language skills.

Have  a nice weekend you all !


  1. Hello Denise,
    Week 4 was full of challenges. We learned many rewarding things and we also discovered many constructive web pages which can help our students to boost their skills of reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary. We also found out many useful things about technology enhanced lesson plan. I like this lesson plan because every step is so clear and defined well. All the links can be applied in the classes and our students can benefit a lot by using all these tools for improving.

    Best regards


    1. Hello Rade :

      You are right.The lesson plan was so clear that it was not difficult to follow along. Lesson plans are essential in our work. If we have everything clear, we make learning much easier for our students and the classroom setting is not a threatening environment for them, but a place where they find easy to understand and easy-to-reach objectives.

      Best regards.