Saturday, 21 January 2012

Creating Learning Objectives

This is almost the end of a second week and I am glad to say that I learned something new Our weekly task had to do with " creating learning objectives " using the A.B.C.D. method. I did not know about this method before, so, when I started reading about it, and saw all the information 
provided, I thought I was going to get lost.  All the contrary, this method can really help you to be more specific, and to keep an order, when writing your learning objectves. 

 I like the division of the learning objectives into three different domains, according to Bloom ' s Taxonomy : cognitive ( knowledge ), affective ( feelings ) and psychomotor ( kinesthetic ), since he considers the audience in an integral form.  All  these domains are part of our lives, so they
must be part of the learning process, too.  He even mentions the appropiate verbs we may use to write our objectives in an effective way, to make them really understandable. I specially liked the part when he included "digital verbs " that could be useful for our tech-work. You can find them in the site provided below :

I agree with Rade when he pointed out the statement of Dr.Bob Kizlik " The purpose of a learning objective is to communicate " Communication is, in fact, essential in learning a language. The student ( audience ) needs to listen to the sounds of the language and, then, express verbally what he/she feels.

I would like to share something else about Dr.Bob Kizlik that I liked. We all know how important
are lesson plannings for us. Dr. Kizlik taught students from different age levels, how to plan lessons that were clear enough and communicated effectively. If you want to take a look at it. go to this site :

Looking forward our third  week !
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  1. Hi Denise

    I totally agree with you that this is something new for many of us. I had never used or known about the ABCD objective. Now that I see how it works it looks very effective.