Saturday, 21 January 2012

Week 2 : A great start !

And  we finally started our second week !  when I  began searching the engines, I just could not believe the big amount of information we had. I had only used google for my little kids  and young/adults, so I became enthusiastic to see that there was much more ahead ! To decide on the students ' age I was going to choose to narrow my search, was a big deal ( As I said in Nicenet )  When I finally took the decision,  I  started to look for information related to children (those little faces running everywhere and eager to learn ) .

 As sounds, images and games are an important part of children ' s learning, I am always searching information about that. Using the "advanced search" helps a lot . You may find videos at

Another useful engine is " twurdy ". You may find different articles for different students graded from easier and more difficult to read and you can choose the topic of your interest. I found a good article  about  " technology and younger children " since I want to use a technology tool with my "little ones " The  site is

I have been checking the web engines again, and  I found another good site that  I did not  
mention in Nicent . The site is Here you have great movies and games that may help you if you teach young kids.

I am eager to share with you my comments on "creating learning objectives" and to know about your own comments on the topic.

See you online !
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  1. So exciting to see your discoveries. I've enjoyed this week as well although it was really time consuming, yet I expanded my view on internet as well. Hopefully, this knowledge will not shrink, as we people are prone to do it the easy way :)
    good luck, in your upcoming posts.