Saturday, 28 January 2012

A " delicious " start !

And what a start !  When I saw that one of the tasks for this week was to work on the " Delicious " page I wanted to begin as soon as possible. Well, the first try was good   and I added links to the page, but   when I opened it again and wanted to add more links, I got lost ! Thanks to Janine ' s support, I was able to do it and now I really feel we have a great tool in our hands. We do not need paper and pencil any more to save our favorite links and we can also share them.  It is a good way to organize ourselves and help our learners organize themselves 
Each day, we have access to more interesting and challenging things in relation to technology and we need to dare try new things. I believe we are in the right place when I see our own advances and the relevance of the topics we are dealing with in the course. It really impressed me to see what Fernando could do in his blog with the voki avatar. It is an attractive and nice way to introduce himself in the blog, and an attractive tool for students to use their listening and speaking abilities in and outside the classroom.
Another week is coming to an end, but we still have more weeks ahead to keep on learning and sharing comments like these.

Happy weekend to everyone !


  1. Hello Denise,
    A 'delicious' start was so great. This tool is so useful for keeping and bookmarking our favourite web links. We do not need to remember or to write them on the paper. So, everything is in one place and the page can be visited at any time and at any place...
    Best regards...

  2. Dear Denise,
    it definitely was a delicious start for me as well. So great to share the same joy in learning :)
    happy weekend to you too ;)

  3. Rade and Lina :

    Thanks for your comments. When you get used to the site, it really makes things easy for everyone. This "online notebook " is a fantastic resource. At the end of the course, I am sure we will have lots of sites to share.

    Best regards!